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Gone are the days when websites were solely accessible through computers. Considering the fact that mobile internet usage has grown significantly since the past few years; brand positioning now depends largely on building websites that are accessible through various devices.

The digital world today is not just restricted to desktops. People like to multi task and do their web browsing on mobile & tablet devices that they can carry around with them. And, the best way to make the website flawlessly accessible across such devices at the same time is responsive web-design.

Features of Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Design is a specific way of developing your website with an objective to make it compatible to the screen size and device used for viewing the site. This ensures a convenient user-experience while allowing you to replicate your site’s content without the need of reducing it for smaller screen size.

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    User-Friendly Navigation

    Responsive web design promotes user-friendly navigation, thus, ensuring user-convenience.

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    Scroll Free Interface

    Absence of annoying horizontal scrolling that often occurs in diverse screen resolutions and sizes.

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    Strategically Planned Layout

    The website layout in responsive web-design is determined on the basis of user-experience.

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    W3C Validated

    The fundamental codes and the elements used in the design are W3C validated.

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    Multi-Platform Adaptability and Compatibility

    Easily compatible with multiple browsers, different operating systems and screen resolutions

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    Standard Assessment and Testing

    Extensive assessment using standard Software Testing Life Cycle.

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    Prompt Call to Action

    Pre-planned architecture persuades visitors to flow according to the action.

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    Responsive web design involves less maintenance, and it is significantly affordable, as well.

Importance of Responsive Web-Design

Keeping Abreast with Changing Screen Sizes
Carrying heavy devices like desktops and laptops is not always possible for people when they are on the move. So, with a view to make life even more simple most of the people are now opting for light- weight portable devices like tablets and smart phones, which perform the work of a computer, besides consuming less power. In such circumstances, if a website fails to perform well in these portable devices, the administrators might be on the verge of losing valuable potential customers. A comprehensive solution to this issue is the adoption of responsive website layout that facilitates easy navigation on any given device. And, we at TS Web Technologies with extensive experience in the industry are experts in Responsive Website Design.

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