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Social Media Marketing or on a popular note, Social Media Optimization (SMO) typically refers to a process that focuses on the use of various social media channels and networks, as communication and promotional forums with an objective to reach out for wider target audience in the guise of Internet users. Social media strategy is essentially a prominent aspect of your web- presence, and without its proper management, it can result in serious consequences by damaging your brand image and online reputation.

The services that we provide aims at the creation and maintenance of your vibrant online presence through these online channels, in order to, effectively broadcast your marketing message to the target audience. Our strategies are based upon the following perspectives.

Social Media Marketing Process


Determining Your Market


Content Assessment and Measurement


Creating an Effective Content Strategy


Posting and Engaging


Content Promotion and Community Outreach


Reputation Management

Determining Your Market

Impressing the target audience with a two-way communication is better than just initiating a conversation from one side. Helping you to classify the personas of your target market is our prime responsibility. We help you to be aware of their preferences and needs besides suggesting you appropriate methods of getting into their heads. Determining the target market besides, gaining comprehensive knowledge about your potential customers become easier for you, once we pull all the available resources in the form of demographic reports and psychographic information.


Content Assessment and Measurement

Social media work as an active assessment hub for your content. Once we have finished identifying your target market and audience, we assist you to generate and promote quality content through assorted channels. We then systematically record the amount of response generated and estimate the success of the strategy in order to ensure that we are hitting the right market with an effective message, giving an opportunity to clarify your approach.

Creating an Effective Content Strategy

Based on the clues gained from the assessment, we deploy a competent team of content developers and social media managers with an objective to create fresh and compelling content which fulfil all the three paradigms- recreational, educational and promotional. We map the further effects and work with you to effectively communicate messages that will lead you closer to revenue generation. While in the meantime, we continue assessments in order to ensure that the audience stays intact.


Posting andEngaging

We engage proficient social media managers to supervise multiple social media networks. This helps us to perceive the spilt moments when your market will be the most receptive and active online. Apart from this, we always keep our ears and eyes open to successfully estimate the response generated from the released content. We monitor all the necessary performance metrics like shares, comments, tweets, likes and traffic inflow to get a clear perception of what is working and what isn’t.

Content Promotion and & Community Outreach

To keep the flow going, our expert team of social media managers carefully evaluate all the data collected during the analysis. This helps in accomplishing a targeted community outreach with an objective of developing a mutual bond with bloggers, publishers and social facilitators that undoubtedly matters a lot for your market.


Keeping an Eye on the Sentiment and Reputation Management

It is crucial to note that, even after a successful online campaign, not all customers will be happy. Much due to the powerful forum that social media has created; spreading opinions is not a tough job anymore.

We consistently monitor the pulse of your audience, using advanced listening tools. Both direct and indirect customer feedback is brought to you as soon as it is discovered. Thus, you are vested with the power to respond to queries, questions, grievances and curiosities of your customers as fast as you can.

Why Choose Us?

  • Be assured that you are in good hands because we listen, review and advice.
  • We offer bespoke services in order to match the diverse project profiles and objectives.
  • We combine technicality and creativity in our approach for long term results.
  • Relevant experience in the industry makes us stand out among the crowd.
  • Feel the difference while we offer you the power to control the outcome.
  • We believe in ourselves and we love what we do.
  • We offer effective SEO support even after your website starts functioning.

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